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Tensions High at California High School Following Flag Flap

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Where but in the United States (and maybe the U.K.) is political correctness so rampant that our school children cannot display the American flag in school? Unbelievable.

Tensions are rising at a California high school where five students were sent home for wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

More than 200 Hispanic students reportedly skipped class on Thursday and marched to school district headquarters while chanting “we want respect” and “si se puedes” — “yes we can” — the Morgan Hill Times reported.

“We did this to support the Latino/Hispanic community,” Francine Roa, a 2005 Live Oak High School graduate, told the newspaper.

At least six Morgan Hill police vehicles traveled alongside the students, many of whom carried Mexican flags. No arrests were made related to the march, the newspaper reported.

Police have been told to be on alert for gang-related retaliation against the boys, according to Ken Jones, whose stepson, Daniel Galli, was one of the students who refused to turn their T-shirts inside-out when asked by a vice principal on Wednesday.

“We just want this whole thing to die down,” Jones told “We’re not trying to keep these flames firing.”

The five teens — Galli, Austin Carvalho, Matt Dariano, Dominic Maciel and Clayton Howard — were sitting at a table outside Live Oak High School Wednesday morning when Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez asked two of them to remove their American flag bandannas, one of the boys’ parents told The youths complied, but were asked to accompany Rodriguez to the principal’s office.

The students were then told they must turn their T-shirts inside-out or be sent home, though it would not be considered a suspension. Rodriguez told the students he did not want any fights to break out between Mexican-American students celebrating their heritage and those wearing American flags, the parent said.

But Jones said the preemptive action was unnecessary, and that Rodriguez “overstepped his bounds.”

“The issue was, there was nothing going on,” Jones told Fox News on Friday. “There was no sense of violence at all amongst the students, there was no conversation, there was no bullying.

“We just feel like the vice principal overstepped his bounds. He jumped in too quickly. We can understand he might be concerned something would happen, but there was no indication that was going to happen at all.”

Officials at the high school, a 1,300-student institution in Santa Clara County, near San Jose, have not returned several messages seeking comment.

As of late Thursday, Jones said the five boys’ parents have no plans to sue the school or Morgan Hill Unified School District, which has characterized the incident as “extremely unfortunate” and is conducting an ongoing investigation. Several attorneys have contacted the families offering to represent them pro bono, Jones said.

“We’re keeping an open mind,” he said. “We want to stand up for our First Amendment rights.”

He said the families are seeking an apology from school officials and want the students’ unexcused absences for leaving school to be expunged.

Galli said he frequently wears the American flag T-shirt to school and that he wasn’t trying to incite any tension. Asked if he wore the shirt to make a statement related to the ongoing immigration debate, Galli said, “No, it had absolutely nothing to do with that.”

District officials, meanwhile, sent a voicemail message in English and Spanish to all parents late Thursday.

“The Morgan Hill Unified School District does not prohibit nor do we discourage wearing patriotic clothing,” the message from Superintendent Wesley Smith said. “The incident on May 5 at Live Oak High School is extremely unfortunate. While campus safety is our primary concern and administrators made decisions yesterday in an attempt to ensure campus safety, students should not, and will not, be disciplined for wearing patriotic clothing. This situation and our response are under review.”

Asked if the district will be taking any steps to quell rising tensions at the school, a district official told in an e-mail, “Our focus for [Thursday] was student safety. Students are safe and administrators are continuing to work through the investigation.”

Eugene Volokh, a professor of law at UCLA, said the students are protected under California Education Code 48950, which prohibits schools from enforcing a rule subjecting a high school student to disciplinary sanctions solely on the basis of conduct that, when engaged outside of campus, is protected by the First Amendment.

If the school could point to previous incidents sparked by students who wore garments with American flags, they could argue that the flag is likely to lead to “substantial disruption,” Volokh said.

“If, for example, there had been fights over similar things at past events, if there had been specific threats made. But if [school officials] just say, ‘Well, we think it might be offensive to people,’ that’s generally speaking not enough.”

Volokh said the students and their parents likely have a winning case on their hands if they decide to take the matter to court.

“Oh yes, it’s almost open and shut,” he said.

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Islam Becomes Taboo Topic on TV in Wake of ‘South Park’ Threats and Times Square Scare

Friday, May 7th, 2010

The self declared “religion of peace”, aka Islam, has discovered that its threats, of death and violence, against anything it doesn’t like, are working. Hollywood has taken notice and is removing anything that could even remotely be seen as insulting to Islam.
There are two “of courses” though.
Of course, its still OK to make fun of Christians.
Of course, Islam will continue to elevate what “enrages” it, coupled with threats, until it gets it’s way on all fronts.

Don’t mess with Allah. That’s the new, unwritten code in Hollywood following the one-two punch of Islamic extremists’ threats against the creators of “South Park” and the failed bombing attempt outside the cartoon’s parent company, Viacom, in New York’s Times Square.

In the current, supercharged climate, it just isn’t worth endangering the safety of an entire production staff or network by pursuing a storyline that Muslim extremists might find offensive, media executives and writers tell

Aasif Mandvi, a self-described “liberal Muslim” and the “senior Islamic correspondent” for Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, said on air after the “South Park” threats that it would upset him to see the Prophet Muhammad depicted in a cartoon. But, he added: “Here’s what’s more upsetting. Someone, in the name of a faith that I believe in, threatening another person for doing it.”

But after the failed Times Square terror attack, “The Daily Show” asked Mandvi not to comment further on the matter, according to his spokesman. In fact, reps for the networks and television shows reached for comment on this article, including Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, FOX, NBC, and CBS, either failed to respond or asked to speak on background for fear of retribution.

And it isn’t just comedians on fake newscasts who are being muzzled. One writer for a scripted drama fold that in one of his show’s final episodes, there had been a minor plot point involving a Muslim extremist. Last week it was removed and the script was rewritten, he said.

Hussein Rashid, religion professor and religion dispatches associate editor at Hofstra University, said he is concerned that self-censorship will lead to a shutdown of the dialogue that must continue if people can be brought to understand the true meaning of Islam.

“I don’t think it is ever smart to self-censor,” Rashid told “I am a big believer that the response to speech should always be more speech. I think this ‘South Park’ episode has been good for that conversation.”

But when it comes to Islam, the conversation seems only to be getting quieter.

Random House canceled the 2008 publication of Sherry Jones’ “The Jewel of Medina” out of fear it would incite acts of violence, and last year Yale University decided remove all images of Muhammad from Jytte Klausen’s book, “The Cartoons that Shook the World,” a book commenting on the Danish cartoon controversy that sparked violence in the Muslim world.

The subject has gotten so sensitive, media pros are even chilling the conversation in forums where no one is watching.

“The writer’s room has always been a safe place for jokes of any sort, the dirtiest jokes you can think of that you could never tell in public because your own mother would hate you,” a network comedy writer told “But for the first time we feel like there is a taboo.”

But religion in general hasn’t become taboo — just Islam. The Cartoon Network squeaked under the radar in March when it showed a racy depiction of Jesus voiced by jailed rapper Lil’ Wayne. And Comedy Central is developing “JC,” a half-hour cartoon about Christ wanting to escape the shadow of his “powerful but apathetic father” and live a regular life in New York City.

One show recently appeared willing to go out on a limb. The April 27 episode of the CBS series “The Good Wife” featured a storyline in which a newspaper editor was killed for publishing an editorial cartoon showing the Prophet Muhammad being searched by airport security officers.

But that episode was written and filmed before the “South Park” threats, and it aired before the Times Square terror scare. Whether the same script would be written today is an open question.

“[A] liberal democracy depends on the principle that each person is entitled to hold and express his or her own beliefs,” said Svetlana Mintcheva, director of the Arts Program for the National Coalition Against Censorship. “The failure to stand up for free expression emboldens those who would attack and undermine it.”

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U.S. Hanging Israel Out to Dry, Again; This Time Over Nukes

Friday, May 7th, 2010

As I stated earlier; “…in a conventional war, Israel troops and weapons are outnumbered almost 100 to 1, if every neighboring Arab nation was to contribute to a war against them. These same Arab nations have either overtly proclaimed (or quietly declared it to other Arab countries) their intention of wiping Israel off the face of the earth.
Therefor Israel’s nuclear weapons are one of the few deterrents they have to make the surrounding Arab nations pause in any attempts to destroy them.
One could very logically make the point, when a nation is faced with the constant threat annihilation and genocide, all weapons should be available, including nuclear weapons.”
I ran across two articles adding to this point.

Bolton: Obama Trying to Strip Israel of Nukes.

Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton on Tuesday expressed concern over what he says is pressure being exerted by President Barack Obama on Israel to rid the country of nuclear weapons.

“Egypt and the Obama administration are negotiating right now on an Egyptian proposal for a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East, which certainly sounds good, except when you think about it, there is only one country that resolution is targeted at and that is Israel,” Bolton, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute think tank in Washington, told Army Radio.

“When I was in the Bush administration we refused to even talk about these kinds of ideas,” he said. “I’d be quite worried about the possible outcome there.”

“The president is not happy with Israel’s nuclear capabilities. I think he would be delighted if Israel gave up its nuclear weapons,” Bolton asserted. “The only unknown answer at this point is exactly how much pressure he would exert on Israel to do just that. Part of that pressure is being exerted right now, by even considering the possibility of a conference on a nuclear-weapons-free Middle East.”

Israel is widely believed to have a stockpile of nuclear weapons, but the government maintains a policy of ambiguity on the issue.

Bolton also expressed dismay at the fact that the UN hosted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at its Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference on Monday, but said that it was business as usual.

“This is nothing exceptional for the UN, this is the way the UN is day in and day out,” Bolton told the radio station. “This is not some isolated problem we could fix with the UN by banning the likes of Ahmadinejad, this is the way the organization works.

“The only good thing I could say about it is that he [Ahmadinejad] typically says such ridiculous things that I’m not sure he doesn’t pose more problems for his own position by coming than by not coming,” Bolton said.


IAEA Chief Focuses on Israel.

VIENNA — The head of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency is asking for international input on an Arab-led push to have Israel join the Nonproliferation Treaty, in a move that adds to pressure on Jerusalem to disclose its unacknowledged nuclear arsenal.

Israel, in turn, is suggesting the push is misdirected and the IAEA should focus instead on giving teeth to the nuclear treaty to prevent signatories like Iran from acquiring such weapons.

Israel’s response follows publication of a letter Wednesday from IAEA chief Yukiya Amano. Amano asked foreign ministers of the IAEA’s 151 member states to share views on how to implement a resolution demanding that Israel “accede to the” Nonproliferation Treaty and throw its nuclear facilities open to IAEA oversight.

In response Thursday, an Israeli official said the onus should be on beefing up the Nonproliferation Treaty, noting that even treaty signatories – like Iraq – have tried in the past to gain nuclear weapons.

Iran, also a treaty member, is “now doing the same,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Israel has never acknowledged or denied having nuclear weapons but is widely believed to possess them.

US moving to an active role on nuclear-free Middle East

Egypt has proposed that a Nonproliferation Treaty conference now meeting at UN headquarters in New York back a plan calling for the start of negotiations next year on a Mideast free of nuclear arms. The proposal may become a major debating point in the monthlong session.

The US has cautiously supported the idea while saying that implementing it must wait for progress in the Middle East peace process. Israel also says a comprehensive Middle East peace settlement must come first.

“The question is, how do you do that in the absence of a peace plan?” Undersecretary of State Ellen Tauscher said Wednesday of the “nuke-free” zone idea.

Still, Washington appears to be ready to move from passive support to a more active role.

In her speech to the UN nuclear conference on Monday, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Washington would support “practical measures for moving toward that objective,” while Tauscher said the US has been working “for months” with Egypt on the issue.

So once again, Obama is hellbent on beating on Israel, the apple of God’s eyes. As I’ve said many times before, God will not stand for this. The United States is in severe jeopardy of feeling God’s wrath.

“Obama National Security Policy: Hope Their Bombs Don’t Work” by Ann Coulter

Friday, May 7th, 2010

It took Faisal Shahzad trying to set off a car bomb in Times Square to get President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano to finally use the word “terrorism.” (And not to refer to Tea Party activists!)

This is a major policy shift for a president who spent a month telling Americans not to “jump to conclusions” after Army doctor Nidal Malik Hasan reportedly jumped on a desk, shouted “Allahu Akbar!” and began shooting up Fort Hood.

After last weekend, now Obama is even threatening to pronounce it “Pack-i-stan” instead of “Pahk-i-stahn.” We know Obama is taking terrorism seriously because he took a break from his “Hope, Change & Chuckles” tour on the comedy circuit to denounce terrorists.

In a bit of macho posturing this week, Obama declared that — contrary to the terrorists’ wishes — Americans “will not be terrorized, we will not cower in fear, we will not be intimidated.”

First of all, having the Transportation Security Administration wanding infants, taking applesauce away from 93-year-old dementia patients, and forcing all Americans to produce their shoes, computers and containers with up to 3 ounces of liquid in Ziploc bags for special screening pretty much blows that “not intimidated” look Obama wants America to adopt.

“Intimidated”? How about “absolutely terrified”?

Second, it would be a little easier for the rest of us not to live in fear if the president’s entire national security strategy didn’t depend on average citizens happening to notice a smoldering SUV in Times Square or smoke coming from a fellow airline passenger’s crotch.

But after the car bomber and the diaper bomber, it has become increasingly clear that Obama’s only national defense strategy is: Let’s hope their bombs don’t work!

If only Dr. Hasan’s gun had jammed at Fort Hood, that could have been another huge foreign policy success for Obama.

The administration’s fingers-crossed strategy is a follow-up to Obama’s earlier and less successful “Let’s Make Them Love Us!” plan.

In the past year, Obama has repeatedly apologized to Muslims for America’s “mistakes.”

He has apologized to Iran for President Eisenhower’s taking out loon Mohammad Mossadegh, before Mossadegh turned a comparatively civilized country into a Third World hellhole. You know, like the Ayatollah has.

He has apologized to the entire Muslim world for the French and English colonizing them — i.e. building them flush toilets.

He promised to shut down Guantanamo. And he ordered the mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to be tried in the same courthouse that tried Martha Stewart.

There was also Obama’s 90-degree-bow tour of the East and Middle East. For his next visit, he plans to roll on his back and have his belly scratched like Fido.

Despite favorable reviews in The New York Times, none of this put an end to Islamic terrorism.

So now, I gather, our only strategy is to hope the terrorists’ bombs keep fizzling.

There’s no other line of defense. In the case of the Times Square car bomber, the Department of Homeland Security failed, the Immigration and Naturalization Service failed, the CIA failed and the TSA failed. (However, the Department of Alert T-Shirt Vendors came through with flying colors, as it always does.)

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President Fires Again at Arizona Immigration Law, Sets Sights on Federal Legislation

Friday, May 7th, 2010

I believe Obama will attempt to do with amnesty for illegal aliens what he did with health care reform; ram it down our throats. He knows that in order to bring this about, he has to force it through before the November mid-term elections, which will most likely remove Democrats from power in the House and quite possibly in the senate as well. His time is very short and since most Americans do not want this, the fight will be difficult. Look for numerous procedural moves and double talk.

If anyone was unclear about President Obama’s distaste for the new Arizona immigration law, he cleared it up at his Cinco de Mayo celebration in the White House Rose Garden Wednesday night.

“We can’t start singling out people because of who they look like, or how they talk, or how they dress,” the president said. “We can’t turn law-abiding American citizens, and law-abiding immigrants, into subjects of suspicion and abuse.”

The law, which targets illegal immigrants in a way critics say is too broad, has repeatedly come under attack and been described by some as racial profiling.

In a visible protest to the Arizona law, the Phoenix Suns was wearing jerseys reading “Los Suns” for Game 2 of the Western Conference semifinals against the San Antonio Spurs. The president was clearly a supporter of the move, referencing the name change to celebration attendees, “I know that a lot of you would rather be watching tonight’s game — the Spurs against “Los Suns” from Phoenix.” The comment drew applause.

The president also repeated his view that illegal immigration is best dealt with on a federal level, through a legal overhaul, and he said that work should begin this year. “[I]t can be done. And it needs to be done… I want to begin work this year, and I want Democrats and Republicans to work with me because we’ve got to stay true to who we are– a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants.”

That sense of urgency differs from the way some have interpreted Mr. Obama’s remarks last week on the topic when he said, “It’s a matter of political will. Now, look, we’ve gone through a very tough year, and I’ve been working Congress pretty hard. So I know there may not be an appetite immediately to dive into another controversial issue.”

However, Mr. Obama’s press secretary indicated to reporters Wednesday that the president didn’t necessarily mean that work on the issue wouldn’t at least start this year.

“You know, having looked at it and having talked to him about that, I don’t — I think the president said that immigration is a very hard issue that Congress might not finish this year. I happen to believe that — well, I don’t think there’s anybody that would disagree with that.”

Perhaps the issue is semantical.

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