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Fed Funds Abortion, Despite Executive Order

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

No surprise here.

Forget Barack Obama’s executive order to the contrary — the federal government will finance abortions in Pennsylvania.

Prior to a U.S. House vote on healthcare reform this spring, President Obama signed an executive order barring use of federal funds to finance abortions. That move was roundly criticized by pro-life organizations as mere theatrics to placate — and obtain the votes of — supposedly “pro-life” Democrats in the House. (See related story)

Now comes word that $160 million in federal money will be used in Pennsylvania to finance a “high-risk insurance pool” plan that includes abortion — and those funds reportedly are available immediately. Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania says she saw the writing on the wall when the order was signed.

“I am not surprised,” she offers. “I knew that when President Obama signed that executive order to get the Democratic votes he needed [to get healthcare reform passed] that it was not worth the paper it was written on.”

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NEA Celebrates ‘Drag Queen’ Teachers

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Just when I begin to feel like we’ve seen almost everything, someone else does something even worse. Jesus, please come back for us soon.

At this year’s meeting in New Orleans, the largest professional organization and labor union in the U.S. recognized a new caucus: the NEA Drag Queen Caucus.

They already have had the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, [and] Transgender Caucus and apparently felt that the drag queens needed their own caucus,” explains Finn Laursen, executive director of Christian Educators Association International (CEAI).

“America, I think, needs to respond and to realize what the National Education Association stands for; they’re not hiding it. It’s appalling to many of our conservative Christian educators who, in their own lives, could not support this kind of thing but find that their dues are being used to support just those kinds of thing,” he adds.

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