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Voter Fraud Surfaces in Texas

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

A group called the King Street Patriots has launched the True the Vote project, which has uncovered a large number of voter registrations that were incomplete, inaccurate, or downright false. Those results have been turned over to Harris County officials.

“They were finding numerous people who were registered at empty fields, 30 or 40 people registered to a jail that only has eight cots — just numerous situations of obvious fraud,” reports Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel at the Liberty Institute, which is representing the King Street Patriots. “And so they turned that information over to the county.”

He adds that the group responsible for all the fraudulent registrations turned in very few valid registrations.

“It’s a group called Houston Votes, which is funneled with left-wing money to try to add a lot of new people to the rolls,” Shackelford explains. “And in just the 25,000 that this group had done, only 7,193 were valid. That is a huge failure rate.”

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