Obama’s No Abortion Funding – ‘An Empty Promise’

We said this at the time the health care “reform” was being considered. Those who actually thought an executive order would actually work, were fooled.

The Congressional Research Service, a government agency, confirms that abortions can be funded under “ObamaCare.” The president’s executive order, reports CRS, “does not specifically address high-risk pools and the funds provided under Section 1101 of [the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act].”

Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America says the CRS report proves the executive order was “an empty promise.” She tells OneNewsNow that with the CRS report in hand, the president and health officials need to get into action.

“President Obama and Secretary [Kathleen] Sebelius ought to institute regulations to ensure that President Obama’s promise is lived up to and that our tax dollars will not be used to fund elective abortions,” states Wright.

Then again, laws passed by Congress have more weight than presidential executive orders and health agency rules. For that very reason, the CWFA spokeswoman says Congress should act and pass a bill to ensure that abortion funding will be banned.

“And even better than that, Congress should repeal this bill,” she adds. “Congress should learn from this fiasco that ObamaCare has some nasty surprises in it — and it should repeal the whole thing.”

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