Do Gays Really Want to Get Married?

Do homosexuals REALLY want to get married? Statistics say no. The Institute for Marriage and Public Policy has issued a report saying that in places where same-sex marriage has been legalized there is an initial burst in marriages, but over time the demand decreases. I continually hear the complaints from gays who say they want the health benefits and death benefits of their partner like hetero couples have, but it seems that when offered the opportunity many of them choose not to legally marry. I find it interesting that there is such a push by the homosexuals for their “marriages” to be recognized legally, but when the rubber meets the road many are not willing to commit.

(AgapePress) – Homosexual activists in the U.S. are fighting ferociously for the legal right to marry, and are equalled in their tenacity only by their pro-family opponents. But when and where they are given the legal right, do homosexuals really want to get married?

Statistics appear to answer in the negative. That is the conclusion reached in a report issued by the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy (iMAPP) and written by the group’s president, Maggie Gallagher, and policy director, Joshua K. Baker. The iMAPP policy paper, “Demand for Same-Sex Marriage: Evidence from the United States, Canada, and Europe [PDF],” indicates that immediately following the legalization of same-sex marriage, “the number of same-sex marriages, after an initial burst, appears to [decrease] with each year the legal option is available.”

In 2001, the Netherlands became the first country to legalize same-sex marriage. They were quickly followed by Belgium, Canada, Spain and South Africa. According to Caleb H. Price, research analyst in the Government and Public Policy Division at Focus on the Family, civil unions or other forms of domestic partnerships are allowed in an additional 11 nations.

But Gallagher and Baker found that homosexuals don’t seem very enthusiastic about taking part in the institution of marriage. (See “State of the Unions” below) In the Netherlands, for example, only 6.3% of homosexuals in that nation have gotten married. Only 2.1% of the total Dutch population is homosexual.

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  1. Jason says:

    Being that the iMAPP is run by Maggie Gallagher, right-wing conservative who is only overshadowed by Ann Coulter herself, expecting an objective, informative article from her is like expecting a leftist liberal view on this web site… it’ll never happen… And this is this biggest understatement I think I’ve ever read on her web site: “No partisan politics.” Yeah, and I’m Dolly Parton…

    But to the meat of the article…

    Just because all homosexual persons don’t actually want to get married, is that any reason to deny it to them? Of course not! Straight marriage here is on the decline, does that mean the federal government should now take that right away from you and those like you? Absurd! Expecting all homosexuals to want to marry is like expecting all straight women to want to have a baby–it ain’t ever gonna be true…

    In fact, from the Dutch web site on census and population statistics, the “declining rate” noted at 6.3% in the article is actually the norm for the entire whole of the Dutch population–so almost the exact number of straight who marry in the Netherlands is the same as the number of homosexuals who marry… See the link here. But in case you don’t want to, here is the statistic…

    Marriage rate 6.4 [15th of 28]

    In addition, ever since homosexuals have been allowed to marry there, of course there would be a higher amount at first! And as time went, one would expect to see the number and percentage of marriages to level out to the overall norm, so calling it a decline is an extreme exaggeration on the article’s part…

    In addition, gay marriage hasn’t impacted straight marriage in any way, shape, or form. See Gay Marriage in The Netherlands Proves No Impact on Straight Marriage.

    For a better understanding of who among the gay population are getting married, how many have children, and a better assessment as to the overall number of what the percentage of homosexuals might be in the Netherlands, click here.

    For proof that even the number of divorces is also equal to the number of divorces among the straight population, see here.

    And where did this magical “only 2.5% of the population” from? The Dutch don’t take census by “orientation” (in fact, no country does!). These are guesses that can’t be accurate as the number of people who identify as gay is always much less than actually are do to the stigma of being labeled as “gay,” and the backlash that comes with that in most cases, so there’s no way of knowing… and even if it were only 2.5 percent of the population, doesn’t that make gays any less entitled to the secular and civic benefits of marriage? You know the answers no, so it’s a moot point to argue that just because there’s less of them means they don’t need it or want it… Should we deny black, Hispanics, and other non-whites the right to marry as they make up so much less of the US population than whites? Of course not! Or how about denying them the right to vote? I mean, there are so many less of them, why do they need to vote? What possible effect could them voting have on their lives?

    Oh, I know! Let’s deny redheads the right to wear hats! They only make up TWO PERCENT of the U.S. population… There are so few of them, do they need rights at all? I mean, seriously!

    Individual rights and freedoms are for all, whether or not people choose to partake of those available rights…

    So whether or not gays decide to marry, the secular and civil (read: non-religious) rights and responsibilities thereof should be made available, whether you agree with the lifestyle or not…

    Would you deny the right to atheists? Buddhists? Hindus? Pagans? Why or why not? You claim the institution is sacred, and would be defiled by gays partaking of it… But as you can see from the links above, not only is the institution not affected in the country that has made the rights available the longest, neither has that country fallen off the face of the earth or been destroyed by the wrathful and just sky god…

    So I’m curious as to what you think might happen to you and yours if they do get married? What’s the real issue here?

  2. Beth says:


    I am beginning to believe you have a thing for blonde women. First the mention of Ann Coulter (who I really like – surprise!) and then Dolly Parton (who I also like) – what is up with the blonde fascination? Just kidding. I do, however, take exception to your idea of not letting redheads wear hats – I have red hair and I think it would be totally rude of you to take my hats away. (Well, I dont really have any hats, but its still not fair).

    Now, as for your comparison of homosexuality and Buddhists, hindus, Pagans, etc. — can you get off the apples and oranges thing already? Are you seriously telling me that homosexuality is a religion now? I do believe that gays belong to the Church of Liberalism (See Godless by Ann Coulter), but your sexuality as your religion? That is absurd and you know it.

    I believe I have said it before but it bears repeating (over and over apparently): The Bible calls homosexuality an abomination (that is bad). God’s people should be upset over evil in the world. A lack of opposition to evil promotes evil. Therefore, Christians who sit back and say , “Go ahead and let the gays legally marry, it doesnt affact me” in effect are actually saying, “God, we dont care what your Word says as long as no one bothers us directly.” I am accountable to God for what I have done on earth to further His kingdom (I know this is “Sunday School talk” – close your eyes if you cant take it). If I dont use every possible resource to speak against what God abhors, I am no different than any atheist out there who hates the name of God.
    Also, where does this end? Lets say gays are allowed to marry legally. Next we hear that people are allowed to marry their animals. Or what happens when people are allowed to marry young children? Where does it stop? I’ll tell you where……..It doesnt stop! There will be no end to the evil that is allowed (even encouraged) in our already sin-filled world. You are sitting there in your chair thinking that what I am saying is crazy, but think about it – there are countries where the legal age of consent is 12 or 13 – mere children. God will not continue to bless a country that approves (directly or indirectly) of what He calls sin.

    You see, a decision like approving same-sex marriage is not one that only affects the couple in question- it affects the whole country.

    I could type forever, but unless this is one of those 10% days where you actually believe there is a God, it wont change your mind, but on the other hand, it will give you fodder to make fun of me on your blog. Still praying for you.

  3. Jason says:

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