ADF: School District Misleads Parents About Pro-Homosexual Diversity Training

More judical terrorism from the ACLU.

(AgapePress) – A pro-family attorney is accusing a Kentucky school district of being “less than forthcoming” about its sexual diversity training video that attempts to legitimize homosexuality.
Boyd County Public Schools has sent a notice to students who did not attend the diversity training program last spring, telling them they must complete a writing assignment to make up for not watching the pro-homosexual video.
However, attorney Kevin Theriot says the district failed to inform students that they could refuse to take the one-hour training class and receive an unexcused absence for that period. Theriot is with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), which filed a lawsuit on behalf of parents who objected to the mandatory diversity training.
The ADF-affiliated lawyer says he is “advising the parents to simply ignore the notice.” He claims there is no need for the students to do the writing requirement, although they can if they so choose; but there is “certainly no need,” he insists, for any of the parents to “have their kids subjected to this pro-homosexual propaganda.”
Theriot says Boyd County Public Schools implemented its diversity training after the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sued the district for not permitting a Gay-Straight Alliance club to meet on its campus. He believes school officials are concerned that if they inform parents of all of their options, the ACLU will accuse them of not complying with the court order.
“But the court order is very clear,” the attorney explains. The order states that if any students fail to attend the training, they receive an unexcused absence for that period, he says. So the school’s recent notice stating that those students who opted out must complete a writing assignment to make up for their failure to attend “really is misleading,” he says.
This notice “definitely is something that has a lot of parents concerned — and rightfully so,” Theriot adds. But Boyd County Public Schools’ diversity training program is phony, he asserts, not only because the district is misinforming students about its requirements, but also because it offers zero tolerance for biblical opposition to homosexuality.

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    ACLU = Always Calling Lucifer Up

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    Very Good!!
    I also like Jen Rast’s ACLU = Anti-Christian Litigation Union

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