“The ACLU: Malignant – and growing” by Pat Boone

The disease is called ACLU. This cancerous organization, this poisonous growth – fraudulently self-named the “American Civil Liberties Union” – is attacking every one of our foundational bases, our vital organs; and it has now expanded its onslaughts to small towns, cemeteries, churches and even children’s groups like the Boy Scouts! Its goal is to remove every last vestige of Christian or Jewish faith from public life.

Muslim, Hindu, Self Awareness, even militant atheist religion – they can stay. But Judeo-Christian believers must keep their mouths shut, hide any and all open expressions of their faith and retire to closed-window ghettos. Church of Satan? You can stay, oh sainted high priest LaVey. But you Christians, you Jews … Get those filthy crosses and those maddening six-pointed stars out of our sight! We don’t make up 1 percent of the American public, but we demand you do as we say!


And what does the Anti Christian Litigation Union oppose?

* “God Bless America” banners in schools!

* “Abstinence before marriage” sex education

* Christian Homeschooling

* Legalized voluntary, majority-approved prayer in schools

* Sobriety checkpoints and drug searches

* Medical safety reporting of AIDS cases

* Parental consent for teen abortions

* Most post-9/11 security measures

* Any Christian display in public

* Any use of religious symbols for even historical displays

* Any reference to God, let alone Jesus, in a school child’s speech, paper or essay answer!

Was I exaggerating? I’ve only scratched the surface!

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  1. Beth says:

    Very well said! At least some of us have the ACLU pegged.

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