“But gentlemen, what if you’re wrong?” at Jerusalem Watchman

To President George W. Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair and Prime Minister John Howard
Your excellencies,
All of you, great leaders of three of the most right-thinking nations on earth, are committed to doing everything possible during what is left of your respective terms in office to securing a “two-state solution” to the Arab-Israeli conflict.
You all give the same reason for embracing this policy, asserting that the creation of a Palestinian state “alongside Israel” will help bring peace to the Middle East and, by extension, to the world.


With all due respect, I’d like to pose the following questions:
· What if, after your irreversible plan has successfully been implemented, it turns out you were wrong?
· What if the creation of Palestine, and the immediate and enthusiastic recognition it will receive from the entire international community, does not bring peace to the Middle East?
· What if, with “Palestine” securely in their hands, millions of Arabs try to do what they vow even now they will ultimately do, and utilize their new state to complete the destruction of Israel?
· What if American, British and Australian Muslims continue to be recruited to Al-Qaeda, the Hizb’allah or Hamas, and persist in perpetrating violence against the little sliver of land which is all that Israel will be left with?
· What if international terrorism rages on unchecked and undiminished after Palestine is born?
· What if, after they have gobbled up the “Little Satan” – Israel – terrorists continue to decry America as the Great Satan, and heartened by what they will see as their immense success in the Middle East, carry out another mega terror attack on the United States?
· What if the creation of Palestine does nothing to stabilize the oil market, instead encouraging the victorious Arab states to wield their weapon of blackmail with even more determination than before?
Gentlemen, what your plan amounts to is a readiness to coerce Israel into giving up the most highly-prized and militarily-strategic parts of the only land that is rightfully hers, in a terrible gamble all the evidence insists she, and you, cannot win!
Setting aside for a moment the issue of what right you have to offer up another country for “the greater good” (we remember other statesmen who thought they had the right to decide what was “best” for Europe and offered up Czechoslovakia), I want to repeat the question: What if you are wrong?
What if your two-state solution fails to solve anything at all?

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