New Study Shows Pro-Choicers More Likely to Spread Violence

This study may have some credence. What I do know to be true, and a simple Google seach of images will prove it, is that generally, Pro-Life demonstrators behave better then Abortion Supporter demonstrators. Before you start emailing me, please remember that I said “generally”. There are some demonstraotrs for Pro-Life who don’t know how to handle themselves in an adult manner.
But as a whole, Pro-Life supporters tend to be less likely to start a problem.
Now with that said, I also want to head off the people who are going to point to the abortion clinic bombers. Understand this:
Anyone who resorts to violence, using God as justification, is NOT following the teachings and Spirit of Jesus Christ.

(AgapePress) – A new research project is raising serious doubt about claims from abortion supporters who say pro-lifers are violent people. The study suggests that, despite their assertions to the contrary, pro-choicers may be the more frequent perpetrators of violence.
Throughout the abortion debate in America, pro-abortion activists have accused pro-lifers of spreading violence; however, Human Life International’s senior analyst, Brian Clowes, has just completed a project that suggests the complete opposite is the case. “Seven murders are carried out by so called pro-life people in the time period 1993 to 1998,” he notes, “and yet we’ve documented over 500 murders done by people who are pro-choice.”
Clowes documented those murders by pro-choicers in three categories: actual murders by abortionists and pro-choice advocates; men who killed their pregnant girlfriends and wives who refused to abort their babies; and other individuals who killed women because they were pregnant.
“For every single instance of so-called ‘pro-life extreme violence’ — which is murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and arson — we have 80 instances of pro-choice extreme violence,” the researcher says. Meanwhile, he points out, “We have a lot of news media that’s directed entirely towards talking about how pro-life people are supposed to be so violent, and the pro-choicers are all mild-mannered, nice people.”
In other words, Clowes explains, “what we have here is a kind of imbalance” between the truth and the common perception. “And I’d like to try to balance this out, showing that the abortion culture is really violent in all of its aspects,” he says. The details of Clowes research project have been made available online. The report can be seen on the website

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