PBS to Air Documentary Exposing Mormonism

I think mainstream America will be shocked to learn the beliefs of the Mormon church. America has a “Donnie and Marie Osmond” view of the Mormons that makes them out to be a church for the “wholesome and morally elite”. I think this documentary may change that perception.

Imagine a four-hour documentary on the Mormon church that skips its most prominent member in the country today, Mitt Romney.

Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail | Breaking News Alerts “The Mormons,” a collaboration between PBS powerhouse series ” Frontline ” and ” American Experience, ” is that show. Yet its mere airing may finally force the former governor to explain publicly his faith and its influence on him as a politician, much as John Kennedy did with his Catholicism in 1960. What it will surely do is complicate his run for the White House.

The Romney candidacy notwithstanding, it’s high time that Americans separate fact from fiction about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as it is officially called. The timing is excellent for veteran documentarian Helen Whitney, whose fascinating look at the Mormons airs Monday and Tuesday on WGBH.

Many church members will chafe at Whitney’s spotlight, while countless non-Mormons will be shocked by church history and practices. They will be put off by its secrecy and authoritarian structure. By the absence of black men as full members until 1978. By its early embrace of polygamy.

They will find risible the notion that the Garden of Eden was located in what is now Jackson County, Mo., or that ancient Israelites came to America more than 2 , 000 years ago. The early Christian church looked loony to a lot of people, too, yet it has had 2,000 years to polish its myths. The Mormon church is less than 180 years old.

Still, the Mormons have spooked America since the church’s creation. Joseph Smith was called a fraud when he founded the church in 1830, and despite its best efforts to inject itself into the American cultural mainstream, the church is still viewed with suspicion in some quarters. Polls show that a substantial number of Americans would not vote for a Mormon for president. Catholic and Protestant denominations alike have challenged the inclusion of the church in historic Christianity.

Are the Mormons victims of home-grown bigotry? That is certainly at play. And, notes Yale professor Harold Bloom, America’s Yoda on all things spiritual, “All religion depends on revelation. All revelation is supernatural. If you wish to be a rock hard empiricist, then you should not entertain any religious doctrine whatsoever.”

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Here is a link that describes a small portion of what Mormons believe.

Link to Mormon Article

3 Responses to “PBS to Air Documentary Exposing Mormonism”

  1. RJ says:

    I noticed that you provided a “link” to a Mormon article with the premise that it would provide for me ” a small portion of what Mormons believe.”

    If your readers are truly interested in what Mormons believe, you might provide a link to LDS.org and Mormon.org.

    If I wanted to know what a Catholic believes, I would as a Catholic. I would not source a non-Catholic site that “thinks” it knows what Catholics believe.

    For the best information, always go the source!

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks for the idea.
    One minor problem I have with your idea though, is that we believe, from studying the Doctrines of the Morman Church, that it does not adhere to what the Bible teaches is necessary for Salvation.
    Rather than allow, what I will call a “False Church” for lack of better words, to mislead more people away from the saving grace of salvation through Jesus Christ, we prefer to warn people about it’s false doctrines.
    Since you bring up adding links, I’d like to do so now. My good friends, Ben and Jennifer Rast have a wonderful section on their website, Contender Ministries, that covers all of the doctrines of the Morman Church in detail.
    You may visit it here
    or http://www.contenderministries.org/mormonism.php

  3. Beth says:

    Thanks Steve! I forgot about Contender. They have great info on lots of cults that teach false doctrine.

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