Man-to-Monkey Billboards Used to Challenge Evolution

The religion of evolution paying homage to the quasi-deity of Darwin is a lie. It has failed in every way to prove itself. But people, mostly children, believe this failed theory to be fact. They are not presented with any other information.
It’s good to see more people taking a stance against this junk science.

( – Billboards that show a man turning into a monkey and an online game entitled “Let’s See How Evolution Works” are two elements of a new national campaign launched by a Christian group “to call attention to the lack of proof for the theory of evolution.”

Billboards at six locations in Oregon and Georgia ask “Are They Making a Monkey Out of You?” and additional signs are planned for Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri, according to Julie Haberle, founder of the Who Is Your Creator non-profit organization.

The billboards direct viewers to the group’s website, which presents a step-by-step summary of evolution and arguments against the theory.

Haberle told Cybercast News Service that the billboards were designed to be “a parody of evolution” since many scientists “now say that the process is not just going forward, it’s also going backward.”

“It’s kind of funny because the theory of evolution is based on chance mutations and natural selection,” she said. As a result, “the process can go either way.”

Also this week, the site’s forum began the “Let’s See How Evolution Works” game, in which the hypothetical stages of evolutionary transitions used as proof for the theory are being presented and critiqued.

“If evolution is true, it still must be occurring around us as random mutations would continue to occur,” the first posting stated. “So, aside from simple speciation, where are all the living transitional forms that are evolving into other forms?”

In addition, the group is offering $5,000 for the winning submission of a four-part legal opinion that will present the scientific and legal aspects of teaching evolution and creation in public education.

The prize money for this contest, which is intended to educate the public on the need for a critical analysis of evolution, was donated by a retired attorney who also framed the contest rules.

The campaign’s goal is to inform people regarding the fact that students “have been brought up believing in evolution as absolute truth” due to what she called “indoctrination in education,” Haberle said.

“We’re not suggesting that teaching evolution should be tossed out of schools,” she asserted, but “while U.S. constitutional law permits ‘teaching the controversy,’ school boards, judges and legislators are systematically prohibiting educators and schools from presenting any critical analysis of evolution.”

“If you want to have the standard of empirical evidence only, then evolution doesn’t make the grade,” Haberle said. “For that matter, neither does creation. But if they’re going to allow the teaching of evolution, they need to allow the teaching of creation, too.”

According to an August 2005 Pew Research Center survey, “Americans believe in creation over evolution by a margin of 60 percent to 26 percent, and nearly two-thirds of Americans say that creationism should be taught alongside evolution in public schools,” she added.

“Probably in a perfect world, both creation and evolution would be taught in philosophy classes, not science courses,” Haberle said. However, “we’d be completely happy if they’d just allow a critical evaluation of evolution.”

The current campaign is not the first time the Minnesota-based group has sought to bring the creation-evolution debate to the public’s attention. Last December, the group put up billboards in Minneapolis and Duluth, Minn., with the message, “Everyone has an opinion on evolution. Read ours. Post yours,” at the organization’s website.

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