Amnesty For Illegals Would Bankrupt Social Security

The situation with illegals in America is out of hand. Something has to be done before US citizens who have worked hard and payed into the system for years lose what little bit of social security benefits they have earned.

A domestic policy scholar says the U.S. Social Security system will surely go bankrupt if President Bush and members of Congress who are pushing amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants have their way.

Robert Rector says the so-called “comprehensive immigration reform plan” making its way through Congress would add millions of additional workers to the Social Security rolls. Rector, a senior research fellow in domestic policy at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, says with $18,000 in annual Social Security benefits over a 20-year retirement period, each new amnestied worker would receive over $300,000 in retirement benefits.

According to Rector, if an estimated nine million adults join the system, that would result in a total cost of $2.5 trillion for all the new beneficiaries. “And that cost is going to come crashing into the Social Security System at exactly the time that Social Security is already going bankrupt,” he emphasizes.

Social Security, he asserts, would crumble under those staggering costs. “It’s just an absolutely disastrous deal,” he says in reference to the pending legislation. “It’s ruinous to the taxpayer. It will bankrupt Social Security, not make it better.”

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