Anti-Israel Bias at CNN – Even in the Weather

Yesterday, I saw a post at Little Green Footballs showing an example for a weather search for Jerusalem in Israel. The folks at CNN have already changed it, but when one searched for Jerusalem, the country field of the results came back “null”, which means that no country was entered, by CNN, for the city “Jerusalem”. Today it correctly shows the country as “Israel” instead of “Null”.
Now although they have “fixed” the country problem, one can still get the weather for Arab villages, ones that haven’t been in existence for years!!
Here’s what Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has to say about it:

Congratulations to all lizards who expressed their outrage to CNN about their anti-Israel weather page; it now includes the dreaded word “Israel” instead of “Jerusalem, null.”

However, if you use their “Weather Selector” to look up the weather in Israel, you’ll still find the names of several Arab villages that have not existed since 1948: Select your weather!

Israellycool pointed it out:

    If you select Israel, a list of cities is displayed, which includes:
    * Abu Shusha, an Arab village that has not existed since 1948
    * Akbara, an Arab village near Safed that has not existed since 1948
    * Al Atrun, which is the Arab name for the area of Latrun
    * Dayr Ayyub, an Arab village that has not existed since 1948, and where the eastern segment of Canada Park is today

This cannot possibly be an accident. Someone at CNN added those Arab names to that page on purpose.

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