A Story of Success from the Christian Law Association

This was in an email I received this morning from the Christian Law Association (CLA).

Man Wakes From “Terminal Coma”

After Rebecca Ramirez asked doctors and nurses to remove her husband Jesse’s feeding tubes, his family and friends rushed to get an emergency order to reinstate the treatment. Jesse Ramirez, Jr. and his wife Rebecca were in a car accident on May 30 which resulted in minor injuries for Rebecca, but major health issues for Jesse. He went into a coma.

Doctors found that he sustained brain injuries, bringing about his loss of consciousness. A court battle ensued for rights to his medical care. The move by Rebecca Ramirez to take out his feeding and hydration tubes prompted his family to move more quickly to change guardian rights. Tuesday, June 26, Judge Paul Katz reversed his wife’s request to remove the tubes and elected a more objective guardian.

As his wife was trying to pull the plug on his life, Jesse Ramirez was fighting to stay alive. Just eighteen days after his wife gave that order to the doctors, Jesse pulled out of his coma. Today, he sits up in his hospital bed and communicates with visitors just as any other patient would. His family said that he attempts to mouth words and gives the thumbs-up sign. He also gives them hugs and kisses.

Such a miraculous story reminds us of the miracle of life. It reveals the truth that no man can really know God’s timing. The Bible states that it is appointed unto man once to die. With that in mind, the reversal is also a challenge to us all–we only have one life to live.

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