Creation Scientist: Recently Discovered Fossil Doesn’t Bolster Evolutionists’ Claims

Sorry evolutionist, your half-baked “religion” of evolution espoused by your quasi-deity, Darwin, still doesn’t work. Bummer.

Science fiction reported as science fact? That’s the claim of a staff member with Answers in Genesis in reaction to a recent scientific “discovery.”

Dr. David Menton, a speaker with the apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis, says the recent announcement that scientists have found a possible link between two species of early humans is more fiction from those who want to promote the false theory of evolution. He says he sees a double standard in how evolutionists handle their so-called discoveries in comparison to other scientific fields.

“The intriguing thing is that in any legitimate branch of science, these articles are published in the scientific literature and are hashed over there long before you get the popular press,” explains Menton. “But in the field of evolution — and particularly hot-button areas of evolution like origin of birds, origin of humans — it seems like the first release is to the public, as though the real effort was to convince the public rather than to really communicate with the scientific community.”

Last week, secular media reported that new jaw fossils might suggest a direct line of descent between two species of early humans, including the one to which “Lucy” belongs. Evolutionists claim that “Lucy” is the earliest known hominid, and the new find supposedly is from an earlier species.

However, Menton points out that “Lucy” was actually a knuckle-walking, apelike creature. The new find does nothing to bolster evolutionists’ claims, he says.

“This whole area of hominid evolution, or human evolution, is rather like the old pea and shell game. The pea is never quite under the shell that you thought it was under. They not only change the date around, but they even change the names. It’s quite frequent that the name of the creature will be changed to something else,” he says.

Also, Menton asserts that if evolutionists’ claims were true, there would be an abundance of fossils backing up such claims. But rather than the fossil record supporting the theory of evolution and the theory that the earth is billions of years old, Menton points out that it actually speaks of a young earth and a worldwide flood.

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