Christian Commentator: ‘GLBT’ Presidential Debate a Poor Move for Democras

A Christian writer and radio talk-show host says a decision by Democratic presidential candidates to take part in an upcoming debate on “gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender” (GLBT) issues is a poor political move because homosexuals comprise only a tiny portion of the electorate.

MTV’s homosexual cable network LOGO will be airing a Democratic presidential debate August 9 on how best to further the homosexual agenda. (See earlier story) According to news reports, candidates slated to participate are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards. Joe Solmonese — president of the Washington, DC-based Human Rights Campaign, one of the country’s most powerful homosexual activist groups — will be moderating the unprecedented event. HRC is coordinating the debate through a partnership with LOGO.

Greg Koukl is the founder and president of California-based Stand to Reason. Koukl says since the demographic for homosexuals is anywhere from one to three percent maximum, and the Democratic Party already owns that demographic, the candidates do not stand to gain anything by taking part in the GLBT debate.

“The Democrats are kind of, for lack of a better word, preening before the public to show everybody how liberal they actually are,” Koukl alleges. “[They want to demonstrate] that they would be willing to invest a significant amount of their time and energy to go before this small group of people and make a public statement of how progressive their views are, that they are the card-carrying liberals. They are proud of this.”

Koukl says the Democratic White House hopefuls may actually lose votes as a result of the debate because the majority of Americans do not embrace the “extreme” views of the homosexual lobby.

But the Christian leader also has criticism for his fellow believers on the matter. He believes the breakdown of traditional morality in the church is largely to blame for the aggressive promotion of the homosexual lifestyle in American politics today.

“I think Christians have not been very good in responding to this problem,” he shares. “In many ways, we are perpetrators of this because there is sexual immorality in our midst, including heterosexual immorality, that we’ve kind of cast a blind eye on — and that’s been a problem.”

He also alleges there are theological concerns in the church that have resulted in confusion about the issue of homosexuality. “People haven’t done their homework about the Bible and homosexuality,” he states bluntly.

The Stand to Reason leader says to a great degree, on issues such as homosexuality, the Christian church’s response to the culture has been “shrill and shallow” and lacking thoughtfulness.

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