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Michelle Malkin noticed a sign at the protest against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s visit to Columbia University. This sign puts a face to the terror attacks, waged by Muslim terrorist, against innocent women and children in Israel. It reminds us of who is involved in helping to finance and advance these atrocious acts of barbarism…the Muslim nations, especially Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Iran.

Shiri Sign

“Keeping the memory of Shiri Negari alive” from Michelle Malkin’s blog

The poster of Shiri Negari, murdered by a Palestinian suicide bomber in a Gilo, Jerusalem bus attack on June 18, 2002, resonated deeply with many readers and bloggers. The protester who made the sign is David Zucker. He e-mailed me:

“I did not know Shiri, just happened to come across her memorial site on Sunday when I was trying to figure out what type of sign to make when I got the idea to put a human face on the current debate. I emailed her family to get their permission and they emailed me the picture. I’m sure her family will get great solace from the fact that their daughter’s memory is still alive.”

Shiri’s cousin, Dvir, e-mailed me from Jerusalem:

“I am a family member of Shiri Negari – the 22 year old woman who was murdered, 5 years ago in a suicide bombing in Israel by a Palestinian terror organization. As you know, Shiri’s picture was presented by a demonstrator during Iran’s president to the US,outside Columbia university which you have covered in your blog. Thanks to your blog, many people have visited Shiri’s memorial web site, got to know her special character and sent us kind e-mails saying that they care. I wish to thank you for giving a stage to the memory of our Shiri, and let you know that even if you did it unknowingly, you contributed to making her memory alive which is something very important for us – making sure she is not just another statistic in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

“Shiri Negari” from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Jun 18, 2002 – Shiri Negari, 21, of Jerusalem, was one of 19 people killed in a suicide bombing at the Patt junction in Egged bus no. 32A traveling from Gilo to the center of Jerusalem.

The terrorist boarded the bus at 7:50 A.M. at the stop in Beit Safafa, an Arab neighborhood opposite Gilo, and almost immediately detonated the large bomb which he carried in a bag stuffed with ball bearings. The blast destroyed the front half of the bus, packed with people on their way to work and schoolchildren. Of the 19 victims, 17 were residents of the Gilo neighborhood; 74 people were injured.

Shiri Negari was to have celebrated her 22nd birthday in 10 days and her family had planned a surprise birthday party for her. Her brother Shahar, 15, said Shiri had missed her regular bus to work and he and their mother had taken her on a short cut so she would not have to wait for the next one. Shiri boarded the bus and was mortally injured in the explosion. The paramedics who treated her in the ambulance reported that she was calm despite her severe injuries. She was well aware of what had happened, and cooperated in the attempts to keep her conscious. She gave her personal details accurately, told the paramedics where she felt pain and stretched out her arm so as she could be given an intravenous infusion. She died on the operating table.

Remembering Shiri Negari, her memorial website

Shiri was a very special person. Gifted with beauty, joy, talent and goodness of the heart.

Shiri was a proud Jewish Israeli young woman. She was murdered on Tuesday, June 18th 2002 by a Palestinian suicide bomber on her way to work.

We will never forget her.

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