Barton on Article VI: Citizens Free to Apply Religious Test for President

I will always use the Bible as a template when contemplating who I should vote for.

Christian author and historian David Barton says he disagrees with the premise being advanced in some conservative circles that it isn’t appropriate to use a religious test when selecting a presidential candidate.

“Article VI has nothing to do with Romney’s faith anymore than it had anything to do with Kennedy’s faith,” states the Christian historian. “It has to do only with preventing the establishment of a national church, and citizens are free to use religion or any other criteria they want in choosing whoever they want for president.”

According to Barton, Article VI is a limitation only on the federal government — not on the rights of individual citizens. “It was one of the clauses to make sure that there was no national denomination,” he explains. “So if the federal government can’t have a religious test — such as the federal government [saying] you have to all be Mormons, or Anglicans, or Baptists, or Methodists, or whatever — then there’s no chance of having a national church.”

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