Student Suspended 10 Days for Taking Vitamins

It’s time for “zero tolerance” to be replaced by common sense.

The parents of a student in Pennsylvania’s South Middleton School District are warning other parents of the dangers after their workout-oriented son was suspended for 10 days and half the soccer season for taking vitamins at school.

Calling it a zero tolerance policy run amok, Joseph Figueiredo told WND it was like, “‘Alice in Wonderland’ does the ‘Twilight Zone.'”

The situation involved his son, Andrew, who put himself on a physical training regimen and was taking several vitamins and supplements as part of that.

His son was aware of school rules regarding prescription medications and such, so before he launched the program he checked the student handbook.

“He took it upon himself to look in the student manual and read the drug policy and medication policy,” he said. “But he did not see vitamins or dietary supplements and in his mind thought it was okay.”

School officials, however, thought otherwise. Somebody reported he was taking the vitamins, and Andrew was called into Principal Joe Mancuso’s office where he was told he was being suspended for violating the drug policy.

WND previously has reported on situations where a student was threatened with a three-day suspension for simply having a pen in class that had a gun company logo, another case where a college student advocated for gun rights and was suspended, and yet another case in which a student who simply drew a sketch of a gun was suspended.

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