“Oil Prices Reach the Crisis Point” by Todd Strandberg

It is no longer meaningful to say oil has hit a record high. Since 2002, we have seen a steady increase in the price of crude, with record prices almost becoming a daily occurrence.

What makes 2008 different is the extreme historical level we have now reached. If you adjust for inflation, the folks living in 1980 paid $3.18 for a gallon of gas. Currently, it costs us $3.90 for a gallon of gas.

There has never been a time when oil has increased in price at such a rapid rate. In the past year, it has more than doubled. Wednesday of last week, the price of oil went up so fast, I had to change the headline on RR News four times to reflect the new milestones set from 130 to 135.

There are many reasons the price of oil has soared so drastically. The core reason is supply and demand. Nations like India and China are putting a huge strain on the supply chain. In five years, demand will be at 87 million barrels per day and supply will be at 85 million per day. Many oil experts are predicting that oil will trade as high as $200 per barrel in the not-too-distant future.

If something is going to be done to prevent absolute disaster, quick action needs to be taken now. It takes a very long time to develop sources of new energy. In 2002, a large underwater pool of oil was discovered several hundred miles south of Louisiana . The oilfield is not projected to go on line until next year. To build a nuclear plant, it takes two and a half years just to get the permit validated. Right now, only one company is qualified to build the dome for nuclear reactors, and it is booked through 2020.

I was extremely displeased to see our President fly to Saudi Arabia and beg the Saudi King to sell us more oil. Bush’s mission was huge failure. Not only did his so-called friend turn him down; he made the U.S. look like a third-world nation by pleading to some two-bit dictator. OPEC was formed to keep prices high, so why should they do us any favors?

Oil has a strong connection to prophecy because there is so much of it in the Middle East . The one thing that concerns me the most about the increase in the price of oil is the financial wealth pouring into the Arab states: nearly $1 trillion a year at the current rate.

This oil wealth is not being used to make the world a better place. Fox News found that OPEC had collectively given just $1.5 million to the United Nations’ World Food Program, or about 1 minute and 10 seconds worth of OPEC’s 2007 oil revenues.

The growing power of Islamic wealth is a direct threat to the free world and Israel . The southern Persian Gulf states have been investing heavily in Western companies, while Iran has been spending vast amount of money on military hardware, nuclear technology, and the sponsorship of its favorite terrorist groups.

At some point in the near future, I expect Israel to launch an attack on Iran’s nuclear program. The price of crude could be profoundly impacted by the strike, and would make it essential for the world to find a lasting solution to the Arab/Israeli conflict.

John McCain Throws Evangelicals Under the Campaign Bus

From the very beginning of the Republican primary progress, I knew Sen. John McCain was not conformable with the Christian right. His actions of this past week indicate that evangelical Christians are a group he doesn’t care to be associated with.

On Wednesday, He rejected the endorsement of Rev. John Hagee after revelation of a recording in which the Texas televangelist said the rise of Adolf Hitler was part of God’s plan to help the Jews reach the promised land. “Obviously, I find these remarks and others deeply offensive and indefensible, and I repudiate them,” the Arizona senator, 71, said in a statement released by his campaign. “I did not know of them before Reverend Hagee’s endorsement, and I feel I must reject his endorsement as well.”

Later in the day, he gave Rod Parsley the boot for saying, “Islam is an anti-Christ religion that intends through violence to conquer the world.” In a statement to the news media about Parsley’s comments, McCain’s campaign said the senator “obviously strongly rejects such statements.” The campaign did not answer the question of whether it was aware of Parsley’s widely publicized statements prior to seeking his endorsement in February.

McCain must have had some sort of supernatural revelation to account for such dramatic change of heart. At a campaign appearance in Cincinnati , McCain introduced Parsley as “one of the truly great leaders in America , a moral compass, a spiritual guide.”

I have several disagreements with John Hagee, but I agree 100 percent with his comments about how the Holocaust was part of God’s plan to bring the Jews back to the promised land. I also agree with Rod Parsley’s assessment of Islam. It is an evil religion.

The same day the Arizona senator denounced Hagee and Parsley, he was a guest appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. I guess Johnny Boy doesn’t have any stomach for evangelical pastors, but he has no problem associating with an openly admitted lesbian.

I have to wonder whether McCain would reject the endorsement of a Christian leader who said Jesus Christ was the only way to God. He seems to be taking an extra step beyond President George Bush to be the ultimate compromiser.

I see political disaster in the making here. When the November election comes, evangelicals are going to sit on their hands and cost McCain the election. The liberal groups he’s been kissing up to are certainly not going to vote for him.

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