First, The Polar Bear…Now, The Pacific Walrus

Y’all must love paying $4.00 or more for gasoline. How much higher does it need to go before people with common sense start to assert themselves?
Of course this latest lawsuit is no surprise.
After the enviros got the Bush administration to cave on the status of the Polar Bear, it’s no surprise at all that they would go after another perfectly healthy species. This time it’s the Pacific Walrus.
For those who might have missed it, recently the government placed the Polar Bear on the “threatened” list despite the fact that they do not meet the criteria for being placed there. Quite to the contrary, their populations have increased over the past 30 years.
Because of this, many oil production companies are going to have to curtail operations in the proximity of the bears and possibly the walrus’ habitat. With oil reserves at an all time low, does it make sense to further restrict our supply further?
So in another year or so, when you are paying $8.00 for a gallon of gasoline, you can partially thank the enviros.

A conservation group gave notice Tuesday that it will sue to force federal action on a petition to list the Pacific walrus as a threatened species because of threats from global warming and offshore petroleum development.

The deadline was May 8 for an initial 90-day review of the petition by the U.S. Department of the Interior, according to Center for Biological Diversity attorney Brendan Cummings.

The group filed the petition in February.

Shaye Wolf, a biologist and lead author of the petition, said Arctic sea ice is disappearing faster than the best predictions of climate models.

“As the sea ice recedes, so does the future of the Pacific walrus,” she said.

The conservation group was one of three that successfully petitioned to have polar bears listed as threatened because of sea ice loss caused by global warming, a decision announced May 14 by Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne. That listing also followed court action to force deadline decisions.

Bruce Woods, a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service spokesman in Anchorage, said the agency is close to finishing a walrus survey.

“We do have a population count from the 2006 survey that should be finalized soon,” he said. “That will give us a better basis for evaluating the petition.”

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  1. HackThis says:

    I think the UN is planning something… if the petrol prices keep on rising and they strategicly introduce effective ways of using electric power, they will likely change the way that the world rins within a decade.

    I think this would be logical, even if it is somewhat annoying.

  2. HackThis says:

    sorry, change the way that the world RUNS

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