Businessman Determined to Cancel Jerusalem Gay Pride

I have said before and I will say it again ‘gay pride’ is an oxymoron. We blog about this abomination every year. Homosexuals are determined to spit upon the Christian and Jewish religions by holding a gay pride parade in the capital city of Jerusalem each year. I cannot tell you how disgusted I am by the thought of it, much less the actual carrying out of a perverted show being held in the Holy City. It is like the homosexuals want to bring a little Sodom and Gomorrah to Israel to flaunt their perversion in front of God’s people. It is an abomination plain and simple.

Jerusalem mayoral candidate, Israeli-Russian businessman Arcadi Gaydamak, is determined to cancel the annual gay pride parade in the capital.

“When I’m elected mayor, I would die before allowing the pride parade to be held in Jerusalem,” he said Monday during a conference held by the Bikur Holim hospital owned by him.
Jerusalem is a city holy to the three main religions, he explained, and therefore it is unsuitable for a pride parade.

“They want to be proud? They’re allowed to. They want to demonstrate? Fine. But the streets of Jerusalem are a symbol, and parading on them would be an aggressive act against our tradition, against our values and against our morale. I would lie on the ground in order to block the march and would even die before I approve the pride parade in the city.”

Addressing the fact that the pride parade was eventually held in the capital in recent years despite the fact that the current mayor is an ultra-Orthodox man, Gaydamak stated that “(Mayor Uri) Lupolianski) acted like a politician rather than like a human being. His image was more important to him than the city’s tradition.”

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