“The Islamic Version of Orwell’s “1984″ Is Upon Us” by Dr. Phyllis Chesler

How can we keep repeating ourselves without losing heart? What more is there to say? Telling the truth does not seem to work. The Big Lies, as well as the foul deeds, keep on happening. Expose one lie: A hundred more rise up in its place. Kill 100 Taliban and a hundred more take their places. We, who are still safely behind enemy lines, absolutely must keep documenting the hate speech and the terrorist atrocities; it is a profound form of resistance. One can tell that it is a form of warfare by the considerable toll it takes upon one’s body and soul.

How many times can one document the rise of the new anti-Semitism and the demonization of Israel? I have been doing so since 2001, both in a book (The New Anti-Semitism) and in hundreds, maybe thousands of articles, lectures, interviews. There are now hundreds of us who are also doing this heavy lifting: pundits, bloggers, distinguished authors, grassroots activists, retired folk. Some voices are outraged, many are maddeningly reasonable and consummately accurate. Still, the blood libels keep coming at us, without respite.

How many times can we document the nature of Islamic and terrorist religious and gender apartheid? Again, I and others, have been doing so for many years. Just today: I learned that six Pakistani men gang-raped a 14 year-old girl in front of her bound-and-gagged parents because they are all Christians. The Islamic Republic of Iran just arrested and jailed three converts to Christianity. (Leaving Islam is considered a capital crime). A judge in Egypt told 24 year-old Christian convert, Martha Samuel Makkar, who was caught trying to flee the country, that “If I had a knife I would kill you.” Miraculously, he allowed her to go free. (Her extended family have threatened to kill her).

The Taliban have been shutting down schools for girls in Afghanistan and throwing acid in the faces of those who persist in attending. These human demons are branching out into Swat, Pakistan where they have already destroyed 169 schools for girls. The area is, increasingly, a “no go” zone, even for the Pakistani police, hundreds of whom have been shot, be-headed, or otherwise slain for trying to protect civilians.

Now, the local Taliban leader, Shah Doran, has demanded that civilians listen to him nightly on the radio or risk being lashed or be-headed. Doran outlines newly proscribed “un-Islamic activities like selling DVDs, watching cable television, singing and dancing, criticizing the Taliban, shaving beards and allowing girls to attend school.” Doran also announces whom he plans to execute the following day. Either one flees or “turns up headless and dumped in the village square.”

One resistance fighter, Pir Samiullah, fought the Taliban. He was killed and buried in a secret location. The Taliban kept be-heading people until they revealed the place of his burial. They dug him up and hung his body in the square. Then, they desecrated it. They also displayed the bullet-ridden body of one of the city’s most famous dancing girls “splayed on the main square.” Another Taliban terrorist, one Maulana Fazlullah, commands hundreds of fighters who roam the valley with “sniper rifles, Kalashnikovs, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, mortar tubes…night-vision goggles and flak vests.”

The civilians are terrified. They will not rise up against their tormenters. Thus, even if they are peaceful, moderate Muslims they, like the civilians in Somalia, Sudan, and Gaza, will not stop the advance of the barbarians. Even Nato feels it is losing its battle against the Taliban in Afghanistan due to “tensions within the alliance.”

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