“More of the Same from the Justice Department” by Jeff Schreiber

So far, besides deciding not to pursue an indictment of Gov. Bill Richardson for corruption, the Obama Justice Department has among other things dropped charges against Black Panthers wielding nightsticks and intimidating voters in Philadelphia, secured the release of terrorist detainees from Guantanamo Bay, quashed efforts by the state of Georgia to ensure that all voters are United States citizens and therefore able to vote, and most recently announced that it will investigate and possibly prosecute CIA officials with regard to what it deems questionable conduct in terrorist detainee interrogations which ultimately saved American lives.

This, from a president who campaigned on promises to fundamentally change the culture of corruption in Washington, D.C., only to stock his own cabinet with tax cheats and hire an ever-increasing number of “czars” who require neither an FBI clearance nor a congressional hearing and who report to nobody but the White House. This, from a president who, in 2007, gave a radio interview in which he promised to immediately task his Attorney General with an investigation of the Bush administration, only to just this spring say that he wanted to “look forward” instead of back, and just on Tuesday maintaining that Eric Holder is on his own and acting “independently.

At best, Barack Obama is a hypocrite of the worst order; at worst, he has absolutely no control over his administration. Either way, it certainly isn’t “change” anybody can believe in.

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