Obama Cuts Pensions to Surviving Alaska World War II Vets

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From Jeff Schreiber at America’s Right:
“Despicable even by this administration’s standards, the White House has decided to increase the financial burden on aging Alaskan World War II veterans by excising pension money from its outlined priorities for a new military appropriations bill.”

Alaska World War II Soldiers

You know, we went through this very same thing in March when the White House sent out what it later insisted was a trial balloon, suggesting that it was going to force combat-wounded veterans to pay for treatment of battlefield wounds through their own private health care coverage. The White House eventually reneged on that after criticism reached a fever pitch, and I hope that the president similarly flip-flops here as well.

Back in March, the administration hoped to save $540 million by having wounded veterans provide their own care. While, in this case, the exact number of pennies looking to be pinched at senior veterans’ expense hasn’t been divulged, the argument remains the same. We gave $900 million to Hamas after that group brutally murdered innocent Israeli women and children back in December of 2008. We passed a $787 billion so-called “stimulus” package committing $650 million to provide coupons for free digital television converter boxes, $335 million for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, $300 million for fancy electric golf carts, $400 million for research into the farce that is global warming and a whopping $8 billion on a Mag-Lev train for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. We’re preparing to spend trillions of dollars on health care reform and bankrupt our economy through cap-and-trade. Yet we cannot scrape together enough money to ensure that the few remaining members of the Alaska Territorial Guard can live the rest of their lives without additional stress?

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