Schools Blasted for Holding Separate Graduations for Homosexual Students

Just another example of the how the activist homosexuals are cramming their lifestyle choice down our throats and how the liberal “anything goes” schools are helping them.

(AgapePress) – USA Today reports that a growing number of colleges and universities are holding so-called “lavender graduations” to honor their “gay,” lesbian, and transgendered graduates; but one campus watchdog group spokesman says schools should not be making ideological statements by sponsoring these separate ceremonies.
At the lavender graduations, students are often given awards and typically receive rainbow-colored tassels to put on their mortarboards during their commencement activities. But while these ceremonies are often touted as celebrations of cultural diversity and equality, Jason Mattera with the Virginia-based Young America’s Foundation (YAF) feels these exercises actually turn true equality on its head.
“I thought the homosexual agenda was just ‘Leave us alone,’ right?,” Mattera observes. “That’s what they’re saying: ‘Oh, we don’t want the government involved in our lives. We just want to be treated normally.’ Well, here is an obvious example where they’re looking for special treatment.”
But rarely, the YAF spokesman points out, does any group of students get its own graduation ceremonies as a separate class. “Imagine,” he says, “if the Christian club at any of the schools mentioned — let’s take the University of North Carolina — if the Christian club gathered together and said, ‘We want a separate ceremony in which we were going to read passages from Leviticus and passages from Rick Santorum’s It Takes a Family.’
“Not only would they have been probably flogged by the diversity deans and multicultural deans on the college campus,” Mattera asserts, “but they would be [charged with] hate speech incidents. They would be reported to the human resource department.”
In any case, the conservative campus watchdog adds, the idea of lavender graduations is not a very inclusive one, since the schools that hold these separate ceremonies are in effect promoting segregation. Nor, he asserts, do such ceremonies truly respect homosexual students by honoring their achievements.
“I would even think the homosexual students on these campuses should be offended,” Mattera says. Homosexual students should consider these separate ceremonies to be a slap in the face, he contends, because the “honorees” are not being rewarded for their academic merits but for their sexual behavior.
Ultimately, the YAF spokesman believes the lavender graduations that are being held by schools like Duke University, UCLA, the University of Georgia, and the University of Washington are rooted in anti-Christian hostility. But even if they are, as some homosexuals claim, simply celebrations of equality, he feels these ceremonies fail on that level as well.
If these and other colleges and universities are truly interested in equality, Mattera suggests, they could show it by doing away with race-based preferences and special rights for certain classes of students. And instead of trying to ring in a new, so-called “civil rights era” for homosexuals, he says, schools need to stop segregating people on the basis of sexual behavior.

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4 Responses to “Schools Blasted for Holding Separate Graduations for Homosexual Students”

  1. beth says:

    I cannot believe that these schools would even consider something so ignorant much less follow through with it. The name alone. “Lavender Graduation”, is enough to tell me that these institutes of higher learning have gone to the dogs! I completely agree that the homos say all they want is equality and then they ask for preferential treatment – the two do not go hand in hand. I wish that Christian students would take a stand and demand a Christian graduation ceremony just to drive home the point of how stupid the gay graduation is.

  2. Steve says:

    Good point, Beth.
    If the homosexuals get to have a “seperate, but equal” graduation ceremony, then all the other special groups should have one too.
    Of course, they would have to allow prayer at the Christian one too.
    Great idea, Beth. I’ll start this idea floating around the Christian blogshere so we can have it well established by next year, in time for graduation.


    Christian students can create a graduation ceremony if they please, they must demand it, just like LGBTQ students have. It is from LGBTQ centers and departments, which are created from student driven activism, that create these ceremonies FOR THEMSELVES. It is not about pushing our choices down anyones throat, no one is forced to come.

    You all are extremely ignorant to think they are promoting inequality. They do not want to be treated like heterosexuals, they want the freedom to live our lives the way THEY choose, which is extremely different from people like you, with all the civil right that anyone else deserves. They are not celebrating sexuality. It is called “Lavender” to represent the pink and black traingles that were put on Gay & Lesbian victims of the Holocaust. Which I’m sure you can defend too, right?

    At the UofA they celebrate the accomplishments of LGBTQA students, the “A” standing for “Ally” which is a STRAIGHT person, which results in an intimate ceremony to celebrate individual students, GAY AND STRAIGHT, for their accomplishments. They deserve any seperate, special recognition they feel they deserve, because of all the homophobia they recieve daily from bigots like you. And if they work hard for it, just like any Christian student could, they will get a special ceremony.

    You all would make Jesus Christ ashamed to have worshipers like you who preach that others don’t deserve special recognition by those who support them, like me a straight, Christian, proud LGBTQ ally. It’s 2010, LGBTQ folks aren’t going anywhere, so strap yourself in your close-minded church if you want to avoid their wrath.

  4. Steve says:

    I appreciate your comment.
    My Bible, inspired by the Almighty, Unchanging God, says that homosexuality is a sin. Also, my Bible never once shows an example where Jesus encouraged people to go on sinning, no matter how much it hurt their “feelings” to be told they were sinning. Quite to the contrary, if one actually reads the Bible, one would see that those coming to Him with problems were open to changing and almost always were told “go and sin no more”. In my Bible, Jesus called people who tried to normalize sin a “brood of vipers”. So I think it’s fairly plain that Jesus didn’t believe in encouraging sin and treated everyone the same; no special recognition there.
    As you are either an educator or student, your moral relativism doesn’t surprise me. You are the product of your environment, marching lockstep with the liberal ideals that have been drilled into your head. The concept of moral absolutes is most probably very foreign to you.
    The duplicity of you liberals always astounds me. You insist on instigating the old “separate but equal” policies, all the while claiming your championship of equality. Strange.
    Everyone who graduates should walk in the same ceremony, no matter what their race, sex or sexual preference may be. That is truly equal.
    True to liberal form, you (meaning you and those who support this idea) even marginalize the Holocaust by trying to draw a parallel to the horrific death of millions of innocent people to the self imposed victimization of graduating college students who feel slighted because they weren’t made to feel “special”. That, my friend, is truly sick.
    Before you call me “ignorant”, perhaps you should look in the mirror.

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