“Angel Eyes” a Short Story

Copper always seemed to know the day she and her owners, Mark and Lori, were due to go to the park. Prancing impatiently at the door, she barked once to remind her owners of their tardiness.
“Take it easy, girl”, Mark called from the kitchen as he helped Lori put the finishing touches on the picnic lunch. Packing it in the picnic basket, they joined the light brown dachshund at the door.
Husband and wife, with Copper tugging impatiently on the leash, left the house for the short walk to the neighborhood park.
The weather was sunny, and warm but not overly hot, so the couple set up their blanket and picnic in an open area away from the trees.
After helping Lori set out the picnic items, Mark and Copper engaged in their favorite games of “catch” and “keep-away” with Copper’s favorite purple ball.
After a few minutes, Copper suddenly ran in the opposite direction from where Mark had thrown the ball.
“Copper, come here girl”, Mark called after her. “That’s strange”, he commented to Lori, “I wonder what caught her attention”.
To their dismay, they saw Copper run up to a poorly dressed man. Frantically wagging her tail, Copper circled the man twice and then rolled over on her back, to have her stomached rubbed.
As Mark and Lori walked swiftly over to the stranger, he bent down to rub Coppers stomach. “Good dog, Copper”, the stranger said.
On closer inspection, Mark and Lori could see that the stranger’s clothes were a mismatched conglomeration of cast offs. Wrinkling his forehead in consternation, Mark thought “Oh great, a vagrant”.
“Umm”, he said out loud, “we’re sorry our dog bothered you. C’mom Copper, it’s time to go”.
Standing up to face Mark and Lori, the stranger smiled and said “Go ahead, Copper”.
Turning away from the stranger, with Copper in tow, Lori whispered to Mark, “I sure wish people like that wouldn’t hang around in the park”.
As they returned to their picnic, Copper looked back at the stranger.
Instead of the poorly dressed man her owners had seen, Copper saw the man quite differently.
Clothed completely in a white robe, the stranger had massive white gossamer wings protruding from his back. His eyes blazed with Heavenly fire, but his face was full of compassion and kindness. A glow of pure white light radiated from him and bathed the surrounding area in Holiness, heightening the detail of every leaf, twig and blade of grass around him and erasing all blemishes.
Copper had seen what her owners, with their preconceived notions, had overlooked. She saw the Angel for what he was, an awesome messenger of Almighty God. She saw him with Angel Eyes.

by Steve at Worshippingchristian.org

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