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Bush Vows Immigration Bill Will be Signed

Monday, June 11th, 2007

President Bush has promised to push the amnesty bill through the legislature and sign it…no matter what.
I hope he and the rest of the Republican leadership realizes just how much this will cost them. Not necessarily in dollars (although that will also be high), but in support from their base. The damage this legislation will do to the Republicans will be felt for years.

SOFIA, Bulgaria – President Bush, turning from adulation in the Balkans to difficulties back home, said Monday that his stalled immigration overhaul would be revived and his embattled attorney general would not fall under a Senate vote of no-confidence.

“I believe we can get it done,” Bush said of the immigration bill that has run into deep trouble on Capitol Hill. “I’ll see you at the bill signing.”

Warmly welcomed in both Bulgaria and Albania, the president spoke at a news conference with Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov on the last stop of his eight-day trip in Europe. Bush said he would make a trip to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to lobby lawmakers in person on immigration.

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PCUSA Loses More Churches Over Support for Homosexuality

Monday, June 11th, 2007

It is both sad and encouraging when this happens. It’s sad that the Presbyterian Church leadership has chosen to move away from the Bible and what it teaches, and more in line with the world view, especially where homosexuality is concerned.
It is encouraging that the church membership still holds to the view that the Bible is absolute on what it teaches, and that these people are willing to take such a strong stance against the national leadership.

PITTSBURGH – In a move emblematic of mainline Protestant divisions over sexuality, members of the largest church in the Pittsburgh Presbytery voted to leave the Presbyterian Church (USA) and join a smaller, more conservative denomination.

At a congregational meeting, 951 members of Memorial Park Presbyterian Church in McCandless Township voted to be affiliated with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Fifty-two percent, or 761 members, of the 1,450-member congregation needed to approve the plan.

“We are saddened that Memorial Park members and leaders have elected to separate from the Presbyterian Church,” James Mead, pastor to Pittsburgh Presbytery, said in a statement. “However, we believe that wrestling with such painful issues is part of God’s redemptive plan for the world.”

Memorial Park church officials said last month they were concerned about the national denomination’s move away from traditional doctrines concerning the Holy Trinity and the authority of the Bible, and its increasingly liberal views on homosexual ordination.

Memorial Park church officials have said their issue isn’t with the presbytery, a regional body of churches, but the national church.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is among several Protestant denominations embroiled in a bitter debate between conservatives and liberals over what role homosexuals should have in their churches. The national church’s highest court ruled in 2000 that Presbyterian churches may bless same-sex unions as long as they don’t equate the relationships with marriage.

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Federal Authorities Urged to Shut Down Radical Islamic Compounds

Monday, June 11th, 2007

If there was ever a case of the “enemy within”, I believe radical Islam is it. If it is not addressed, many people are going to pay for our failure to act with their lives.

One of the United States’ foremost critics of Islam believes federal officials should take action to shut down several radical Muslim paramilitary compounds that have sprung up around the country.

Several reports have been published about the suspicious activities in the village of Islamberg in upstate New York. It is reportedly one of about a dozen radical Muslim compounds that have sprung up all over the country. National defense analyst Bob Maginnis says its members are apparently involved in paramilitary activities.

“They are constantly firing. They don’t allow outsiders in. They adhere strictly to Islamic law. They are mostly populated with former inmates who had become Islamic [while in prison]. And they carry weapons and they’re constantly exploding things on the terrain,” says Maginnis.

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, believes Islamberg and the other compounds need to be shut down.

“Those groups come out of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, which is a very dangerous group in its own right,” he explains. “And I’m glad to see recently that with the publicity given to Islamberg that the law enforcement officials are now investigating it. It needs to be investigated and closed down along with the others like it.”

Spencer shares the concerns of citizens who live near the compound who cannot understand why the FBI has not already shut Islamberg down.

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Dick Armey: Gore’s Crusade Against Global Warming Built On ‘Romantic Errors’

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Gore’s Global Warming Jihad continues unabated despite the lack of real science involved in proving it. At least there are still a few voices out there that are advocating leaving the “hysteria” behind and deciding the issue based on real science.

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey has launched a campaign against what he calls Al Gore’s “bad science” and “harmful” proposals to fight global warming. Armey says the former vice president’s popularity in Hollywood makes his ideas more dangerous than ever.

Dick Armey’s group Freedom Works is vigorously opposing Gore-recommended proposals to enact price controls on gasoline and mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions. The former Texas congressman says when the “beautiful people” in Hollywood embrace an idea, they almost always infuse that idea with a “romantic error.”

“While everybody’s out here right now celebrating Al Gore’s new celebrity status, … they’re not questioning the real validity of the science by which he comes to his conclusions, which in itself is one thing,” he notes, suggesting that even more so, important questions need to be asked, such as: “What’s the cost of all this? How many people might lose their jobs? What is the cost at the pump of artificially creating shortages of energy?'”

Armey says the “hysteria” Gore has created over global warming has replaced “serious, adult science” in environmental analysis. And he laments that even President Bush apparently has been swayed by that hysteria generated by Gore and other global warming alarmists. Gore, says the former Texas lawmaker, has given a new definition to “shortsighted and self-serving” political behavior.

“Al Gore and Hollywood have made this eco-evangelical zeal such a sexy thing right now and [made it] such safe political ground to be with the beautiful people that … this president apparently has decided ‘I, too, will want to be celebrated for my ‘enlightenment,'” he remarks.

Armey is critical of the president’s plan to bring together 15 major nations to agree by the end of next year on a global emissions target for reducing greenhouse gases when the Kyoto Treaty expires.

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